To students who apply to our laboratory

Messages from Staff Members

Our policy is “fusion of theory and practice”. Through research activities in our laboratory, you can acquire deep theoretical insights and knowledge of both software and hardware needed to implement them.

These are essential technologies for implementing advanced mechatronics, and I believe that there are only a few laboratories where these technologies can be learned in a well-balanced manner. To be more specific, one student may be sitting at his desk tinkering with difficult mathematical equations, while the student next to him is busy debugging hardware with a microcomputer circuit in his hand.

In order to succeed as a mechatronics engineer in the future, it is unfortunately not enough to be good at one thing, but how much knowledge and skills you have in other areas will be the key to success. In our laboratory, we aim to create an environment in which students can acquire deep expertise through research activities and broad knowledge through seminars and interaction with other students.

In addition to encouraging presentations at conferences and papers (all necessary expenses are supported), we also actively promote joint research with companies, and it is not uncommon for students to be named as inventors of patents. Let’s work together to conduct original research activities astonishing the world!